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Lifetime Steel Post

Lifetime Steel Post™ - 9' Black Post with Double Powdercoat Finish

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LTP 90220
  • PROFESSIONAL GRADE: All-steel construction and weather-resistant finish that won’t warp, twist, or rot
  • ENGINEERED DURABILITY: Patented flange insert distributes the weight of picket boards to the post, preventing sagging and failure
  • EASY TO INSTALL: Allows for uninterrupted top rail and fence board, delivering upscale appearance while reducing cost and installation time
  • HIDE OR SHOW: Available in powder-coated black or galvanized steel; both can be hidden by picket boards or left visible.
  • GUARANTEED FOR LIFE: Industry-leading limited lifetime warranty
  • Compatible with most steel gate framing kits, such as the Adjust-A-Gate™ AG36 or AG60 Series.

Save Time & Work, with The Patented and  Versatile Lifetime Steel Post™ 


Less digging and concrete

No need to fit boards between posts


Universal-boards attach to either side of the post

Continuous top rail flange


Will never rot, break, disintegrate or allow bug or termite infestation

Environmentally-friendly Tiger Drylac® coatings

Lifetime Steel Post™ - 12' Black Post with Double Powdercoat FinishLifetime Steel Post™ - 12' Black Post with Double Powdercoat Finish

Never Worry About Rotting Wood Posts Again!


Lifetime Steel Posts™ provide a permanent alternative to less reliable wooden fence posts. 

Designed to be more efficient during installation, these steel posts require less concrete and smaller post holes resulting in quicker install times. 

Not only are Lifetime Steel Posts™  rot-proof, but they can withstand hurricane force winds.  

Works perfectly with Adjust-A-Gate™ steel gate frame kits.


Lifetime Steel Post™ Instructions

  • Video Transcript

    Rod and rust-free! You made a wise choice building your new fence around this sturdy Lifetime Steel Post. Today, we'll show you exactly how easy Lifetime Steel Posts and fencing are to install. First off, let's talk safety. Always call 8 1 1 before you dig. Sketch out your fence line with post-placement no more than 92 inches apart on center and evenly spaced. The posts can be oriented with the unique flange top rail plates facing inside or out. Stake out the locations of the corner line and gate posts after properly measuring and marking. Then, re-install the upper rail plate to the main post like this. The Lifetime Steel Post requires just a 10 inch diameter hole. A 24 inch depth is recommended, but be sure to follow local code. For your post-install sequence think corner posts first, then gate posts, then line posts. Starting with the first corner post set the Lifetime Steel Post in the corner hole, making sure there's roughly 72 inches above ground.

    You can check that by measuring from the ground to the post top rail flange. Set the corner post in wet concrete and level, move to the opposite corner and repeat the previous step. Once the concrete has set up some, run a string between the two corner posts, use a line level to check that. Say your gate and line posts just like you did the corner post backfill with concrete, raising the posts to meet the guide string for proper even leveling of all fence posts. Your top rails can be done one of two ways. The most efficient method is to span one or two line posts with a longer continuous top rail that sits at top the top rail flange. Just measure from the outside edge of your corner post to the center of your determined line post. If your top rail ends at a gate post, remember to measure to the outside edge of that gate post. If you don't have longer boards for the top rail, just measure from the corner posts outside edge to the center of the next line post. Cut a wood or composite board to your chosen top rail measurement and attach that board through the pre-drilled holes and the Lifetime Steel Post.

    Remember to use steel to wood screws set through the back of the post. Next, install the center and bottom rails with 30 inch spacing. Once you've got all the rails in place, install the fence pickets vertically. For questions or customer service, call Jewett Cameron at (800) 955-2879 and our team will be happy to help!


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Product Overview

The Do-It-Yourselfer’s easy-to-install, no-sag, no-drag complete gate building kit.
Lifetime Steel Post™ Fencing fact: Eventually, every wood post—treated or not— will disintegrate from moisture, dry rot or bug infestation, snap and require replacement. Not these dipped-steel, black powder-coated posts. They’re beefy with a professional look and given they require smaller diameter post holes, they’re far less work to install. With a patented design, each top rail nests securely atop the top flange and requires no additional bracketing like other steel posts, giving you excellent vertical strength and a sag-free fence line. Strong and straight, making the Lifetime Steel Post™ the ‘one time and done’ answer for any wood or composite fencing application.


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