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Adjust-A-Gate™ 3 Rail 60"H/ 36"-60" W Kit-Contractor Series

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  • ANTI-SAG GATE KIT: This gate hardware kit has a patented truss cable system that keeps your gate from sagging or dragging. Use it to fix an existing gate or build a new gate up to 60" wide
  • EASY TO INSTALL: The Adjust-A-Gate building kit is installed on-site to perfectly fit your gate opening every time. Just add wood or composite to match your fence
  • RUST RESISTANT: Even in wet weather from a two-stage, powder-coated steel frame
  • KIT INCLUDES: Vertical frame, spreader bars, frame hinges, post hinges, 2-way gate latch kit, truss cable and screws

Adjust-A-Gate Assembly Instructions

Lifetime Fence Limited Warranty

More Information

More Information
Size 36''-60''

Build a fence gate, like a pro!


Ready-to-install with adjustable widths to avoid re-measuring, re-cutting, and re-working


Stays square with patented sag-free and drag-free design


Compatible with wood and composite boards; and wood, composite, and steel posts

Adjust-A-Gate™ 3 Rail 60"H/  36"-60" W Kit-Contractor Series Adjust-A-Gate™ 3 Rail 60"H/  36"-60" W Kit-Contractor Series


Repair Existing Gates: Have an old sagging gate? The Adjust-A-Gate steel gate frame kit is the perfect solution for straightening and strengthening your old gate.

Adjustable: Telescoping bars to fit gate openings from 36" wide up to 60" wide (Great for 6' and taller fences). No cutting required!

Drive-Through Double Gate: Purchase 2 kits and a UL301 Drop Rod kit for building a double gate drive through up to 11'11'' wide.

Great for contractor 3-rail application.

AG36-3 Installation Video Step By Step

  • Video Transcript

    Find the post center line and measure sixteen inches up and down from your center line mark. Center hinge spacers on your 16 inch marks and attach through the keyholes with self-tapping screws. On the opposite post measure 54 inches from the ground. Center the latch spacer and attach. Center hinge hardware on the upper spacer and secure with six self-tapping screws, repeat on the lower spacer. Center latch receiver on the latch spacer and secure with six self-tapping screws. Next, loosely install the gate frame hinges. Set the gate arm in place on the lower hinge and tighten the lower gate frame hinge. Slide the upper gate frame hinge in place and tighten that too. Insert a crossbar into the gate arm. Repeat with the second crossbar at the bottom. Loosely insert the latch side gate arm and expand until there's a one inch gap. Measure, cut and place your top rail into the flanges. Locate a pre-drilled hole on the underside of the upper crossbar and secure. Finally, tap a small hole in the crossbar underside near the hinge side. Finish the top rail mounting with a wood screw. Use the same process on the bottom rail, remembering to tap a hole on the hinge side with a small drill bit.

    Add a second screw through the pre-drilled hole on the latch side. And put a third screw on the hinge side. Finish by securing the rails with the outside screws. Center the striker plate with the receiver and secure with two self-tapping screws through the pre-drilled holes. First, loosen the turnbuckle until just a few threads are exposed on each end. Locate the pre-drill hole on the upper inside corner of your gate. Insert the hook of the turnbuckle. On the opposite lower corner build a loop by sliding the cable end into the cable clamp full slack and reinsert the cable end to create a one inch loop. Insert the hook into the pre-drilled hole, then attach the cable loop and tighten clamp. Last, trim off the excess cable, set a level on the top rail, then tension the cables turnbuckle to raise or lower. Add the fence pickets and you're done. Simple as that. For questions or customer service, call Jewett Cameron at 800-955-2879 and our team will be happy to help.

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Product Overview

Our fully adjustable, Adjust-A-Gate system™ is ideal for repairing an old gate or building a new gate. Equipped with all necessary hardware parts, our gate is assembled onsite to get the job done right the first time. The Adjust-A-Gate™ system comes with all the components needed to build a sturdy, reliable gate that will serve you for years to come. The Adjust-A-Gate™ systems will adjust to fit openings of up to 8ft. wide (single gate) or up to 16 ft. wide (double gate), accessories include a drop rod (SKU UL301) for double drive applications.

About Adjust-A-Gate™: One of the biggest headaches of building a fence is getting the gate right. Adjust-A-Gate™ is your no-nonsense solution to all your gate frame woes. Stay on-time and on-budget with our reliable and versatile gate frame system. The premier gate frame kit on the market, Adjust-A-Gate™ is a straight-forward, lifelong solution, easy enough for homeowners but with superior quality that meets the demands of the professional contractor. Building your gate on-site eliminates measurement issues, so you get the right gate the first time, every time. We support wood, vinyl, and composite materials as well as ranch style fences, so you'll have an easy time finding the right design for you. Whether you are a professional contractor or do-it-yourself enthusiast, Adjust-A-Gate™ is the right solution for you.


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